Foothills Trail ~ Oconee State Park

We were on trail at 8:30am Saturday morning, hiked to Tamassee campsite, which is about 4.4 from the Oconee State Park trailhead. We left ourselves some trail magic for the return trip, and resumed our hike. When we arrived at Lick Log Falls, we decided it was too early to camp, so we hiked on to a campsite around a mile from Burrells Ford access road, right along the Chattooga River. GORGEOUS SPOT!! We set up our tents, started a fire, eat our dinner and soaked our feet in the river while watching a beaver swim around. PARADISE!! Sunday morning we took our time getting back on trail. We stopped for lunch at Lick Log Falls and then saw Pig Pen Falls. We got to Tamassee campsite a little too early to camp, so after enjoying our diet cokes (trail magic) we hiked on back to the car and headed home. AWESOME TRIP!!

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